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Goals & Objectives

  • Develop confidence of poor and deprived people to strive for creating an appropriate atmosphere to eliminate the conditions in which people are compelled to be criminals, voiceless and deprived in all respect of the society.
  • Develop networking with like-minded organizations in an effort to reform penal systems and practices to assert human rights of prisoners, poor and deprived people of the community.
  • Raise voice against torture infliction on citizens of different classes in society and in prison who are compelled to lead an imprisoned life for various reasons, and provide their families and children with basic needs such as education, food, shelter and security. Activate them in making an arrangement for social justice.



  • To monitor, assess situation of the prisoners, present penal system and practices, identify burning problems and need to take account on the issues to be addressed accordingly for social change and justice.
  • To monitor and assess conditions of the dependent children of indigent prisoners in the community. Rescue at risk children and women from the prison and community in a view to alleviate juvenile deliquesces in the communities.
  • Maintain family bond of the rescued children with their parents in the prisons and also with their extended family members in the community by establishing network of like-minded organizations.
  • Establish Nestling Home to provide basic needs, and opportunities of skill development, vocational training formal and non-formal education to the dependent children of the indigent and needy prisoners in an effort to develop their self-confidence to combat all sorts of socio-cultural problems for their social rehabilitation in the community.
  • Organize seminar, workshop and training programs on human rights issues, penal reform and policy advocacy at national and international levels.