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Reaching New Heights : Honoring , Dawa Pangkarna Sherpa For Placing PAM Flags on Mount Everest

We are excited to announce an amazing milestone in our organization’s history. Our flag was recently proudly displayed at the summit of Mount Everest, Dawa Pangkarna Sherpa owing to remarkable dedication and bravery. This incredible accomplishment not only exemplifies the spirit of exploration and strength that distinguishes our community, but it also shows the outstanding contributions of individuals like Dawa Pangkarna Sherpa
The Journey To Top
Mount Everest, standing at 29,035 feet, is the world’s highest peak and a dream destination for mountaineers everywhere. Its peak demands enormous physical strength, mental fortitude, and steadfast dedication. Dawa Pangkarna Sherpa , went on this challenging undertaking with the goal of representing on the world’s highest stage. He shares the strength he had derived from seeing the dedication and will to do something for the Judo Players. As, Judo is also an important part of PAM.
The Summit: A Moment of Glory
On a clear, fresh morning, after weeks of rigorous climbing and nonstop 5hrs climbing Dawa finally reached Mount Everest’s summit. Amidst the beautiful views and overpowering sense of accomplishment, He unfurled our organization’s flag, allowing it to float proudly at the summit. This moment, captured in spectacular images, represents the heights that may be reached when we are motivated by passion and solidarity.
Once again we thank Dawa Pangkarna Sherpa for his unparalleled contribution and for making us all proud.