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Report On Silanyas (Laying Foundation Stone) ceremony for Construction of ‘PAM Community and Sports Centre’, and Social Auditing of PAM Nepal

Date: May 3, 2023
Report Prepared by Prof Basanta K Shrestha, Vice President of PAM

Prisoners Assistance Mission (PAM) legally registered and affiliated with the CDO date of 2048/04/20 is an organization established in 2048 B.S. Its office is located at Nagarjun Municipality-01, Raniban, Kathmandu, Nepal.
In order to make each and every member of PAM Nestling home an ideal citizen, PAM has been giving judo training to all the children living in Nestling home. As a result, PAM children have been growing themselves as disciplined citizens and also wining various judo competitions at national and international levels, including participation in Olympic match. However, the judo hall used for the training is very small far from satisfaction for proper training. PAM has been trying to construct a new and bigger judo hall as well as community center in the PAM premises for last 8 years. With the financial assistance from GLS, we are at the stage of constructing a “Community and Sports Centre for the Nestling Home Prisoners’ Assistance Mission”. To convert that into reality, PAM has already selected the construction company to do that job and has conducted ‘Foundation Stone Laying’ Ceremony as well as ‘Social Auditing’ program successfully on May 3, 2023 in PAM’s Office.

1. Report on Social auditing program
2. Report on Foundation stone ceremony

The program was organized at 10:30 am on May 3, 2023 in PAM Nepal Nestling home.
The participants were as follows-
1. Mr. Mohan Bahadur Basnet: Mayor, Nagarjun Municipality
2. The Chairman, ward no 1, Nagarjun Municipality
3. Mr. Baburaja Maharjan: The Vice-president, Nepal Judo Federation
4. Ms. Indra Devi Dhakal: Member Secretary, National Federation for Children Right
5. Administrative chief, Nagarjun Municipality
6. Chief, Children Section, Nagarjun Municipality
7. Mr Kumar Bhatta, Police Chief, Ward No 1, Nagarjun Municipality
8. Mr Birendra Ranjit: Chief Judo instructor
9. Mr Dharma Pakshya: Member, Nepal Judo Federation
10. Mr Purushottam Khatri: News Correspondent, The Rising Nepal
11. All the board members of PAM
12. All the Children of PAM Nestling Home
13. Several people from Nagarjun Municipality

1. Master of Ceremony – Mr. Prem Lama, General Secretary, PAM
2. Taking seats in the Dias by concerned authorities and dignitaries
3. Badge distribution
4. National Anthem
5. Welcome Speech by Prof Basanta K Shrestha, Vice-President PAM
6. Presentation “PAM Social Auditing” by Ms Parbata Shrestha, Treasurer, PAM
7. Remarks by the chief guest, Mayor of Nagarjun Municipality
8. Remarks on ‘Community and Sports center’ by Mr Surya Shrestha, CEO PAM
9. Remarks by other dignitaries and guests
10. Acceptance of social audit
11. Vote of Thanks and Closing remarks by Dr Narayan Kajee Shrestha, President PAM


Figure 1 General Secretary PAM- Mr Prem Lama
Figure 2 Welcome speech by vice president PAM, Dr Basanta K Shrestha
Figure 3 : Chief Guest, Mayor of Nagarjun Municipality giving remarks
Figure 4 : CEO PAM highlighting on community and Sport center
Figure 5 : Inauguration by lighting Panus lamp
Figure 6 : Social audit presentation by Treasurer, Ms Parbata Shrestha
Figure 7 : Concluding remarks and vote of thanks-President PAM
Figure 8 : National Anthem


Laying down of foundation stone for any construction work is a religious tradition in Nepal. A special day and time is decided by the priest. Accordingly, for PAM – Community and Sports Centre, the auspicious day was decided to be May 3, 2023 AD. The chief guest, the mayor of Nagarjun Municipality was kind enough to accept our request to carry out this job. This job was jointly done by the Mayor and the CEO of PAM.

Some glimpses of the ceremony-

Commitment from Mayor:
While delivering his speech, the mayor committed the followings-
1. Municipality would be working hand in hand with PAM
2. Municipality would be providing Rs 25,00,000/- as an initial donation to PAM in order help completing building.
3. He would be approaching the regional government to provide financial assistance to PAM
4. He would also be helping PAM to solve water problem

Commitment from Nepal Judo Federation-
1. National Judo Federation would be providing judo mats and Gees needed for new Judo Hall.